Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Creepy Strip

[update: false alarm Typepad was throttled by DDOS]
Yes, the soxaholix.com domain is disabled. No, I don't know why. Perhaps it's the end.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Salk Out

Mike Salk, Mr. On The One Hand, On The Other Hand, is
Leaving WEEI.

See you later

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Tough Call

I seldom kick a man when he is down, with the exception of Glenn Geffner. But, I have to say, it is tough going listening/watching Jerry Remy on NESN.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Update On Jerry Trupiano

Here @38 Cliches we sort of miss Jerry Trupiano.

He's still taking a swing at keeping in the mix, and I hope he succeeds in getting what he wants.

You can follow Jerry on Twitter, and he's pretty active.


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Can Truck Day Be Far Behind?

More reliable than a groundhog, and earlier than Truck Day, we know Solace and Relief are afoot when we read about the annual pilgrimage to The Frozen North (i.e. Bangor, Maine) for our intrepid Red Sox Radio crew Joe Castig. and Obie.

Well, it happened again this week, so pitchers and catchers must be reporting anon. Obie, who logs more miles than a quarterhorse doing basketball for E***, makes it, somehow. Joe, of course, came to Bangor fresh after propping up broken down semi-rich folks at Fantasy Camp last week, and probably was on that cruise that they incessantly promoted during the 4th inning. every day. last year.

At any rate, there are two stellar accounts of the evening, here and here. Joe, in speaking with a local blogger, seems to have set the record for using the term "no other market does it" when referring to the event. I don't blame Joe, maybe the transcriptor of the interview.

Look, 600 people showed up. And, they never invited Geffner.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Clock Starts on Mike Salk Elimination Party. Also Remy.

The Boston Broadsheet has a detailed execution strategy for Mike Salk laid out today, in which some guy named Phil who is the head of Entercomm in Boston, this week, says that Glenn Ordway may be back to prop up the hideous WEEI midday show. More telling, statements are afoot that Salk is not going to stay in the afternoon, which would be fine with everyone, since he doesn't add much. He doesn't take a position, vacillates, comes down in the middle, teases stuff with no payoff and generally sounds unsure. Michael Holley is an intelligent writer and thinker. Salk isn't.

And then there is Jerry Remy, who is coming back to NESN. Anybody who heard his unscripted interview on the radio this morning heard pain. Another public interment played out on our aiurways in the coming months. Remy is suffering, angst-ridden, loves baseball. Ugh. Not gonna be pretty.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Geffner Gravy Trains Jerry Coleman One Last Time

Glenn Geffner was briefly a San Diego broadcaster and Jerry Coleman ignored him through all that time, because he was bad.

Now Jerry Coleman has passed, which gives Glenn Geffner the chance to recall his association with Jerry Coleman, which was non-existent.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Not Forgotten

The great Jerry Trupiano will be honored by the Lowell Spinners at their annual winter shindig and receive, deservedly, the Peter Gammons Media Award.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Greetings, Friends (2013)

(Apologies, as usual to Roger Angell)
Greetings, Friends.
Pull up a chair.
Our World Series Cup
Ain't goin' nowhere.
Each year, at this time
We reflect and we rhyme,
Thinking back on theyear
(Sometimes it's a whine)
But this year?
"Why No", I declare
The Big One
Materialized from out of thin air.
Last year, it was Veets
Go ahead, look it up.
And we bitched and I moaned
And slopped rum from a cup.
But this year, sweet Yeezus,
What a glorious time,
It was frightening, it was scary,
It was never sublime.
On Ellsbury, On Lackey
Ross, Oki and Drew
Where do we stop?
Hanranhan, too?
No, let's don't get excited,
Forget Andrew Miller
Invoke Mike Napoli
Ver-Sher-Fister Killer
And what did my wondering eyes did appear?
Big Papi, well into his forty-ninth year.
"This is our fucking city'
He cried in the Spring
Maybe so, but it's all His when the Fall colors sing.
Bow down to The Ortiz
That's it. No rhyme here.
We've never seen anything like it.
Thanks, David.
Ben Cherrington,
He of the Theo-like sound
Plays the numbers,
But rolls dice when Bill's not around.
That James for you newbies,
Most stay down on the farm
But Bogaerts, and Jackie
Will come arm and arm
To the Big Leagues, Our Team
And the broad Fenway Green.
Strong Up the middle,
Unlike The Empire's Team
Hello, Brian Roberts.
Goodbye Rob Canoe.
Sure, they've got Ellsbury
20 million a throw.
No need to be bitter,
No need to be crass.
The Yankees can chew on
My right hindmost ass.
That was a slip,
I have nothing but love,
But 300 million
Should buy you a glove.
Shane Victorino,
The Flyin' Hawaiian
Singlehandedly made
Bob Marley current again.
Mike Carp with his neckbeard
Salty tried ,too.
But the most godawful lettuce
What sported by who?
It's a tie. Naps and Gomes.
Who would be in THAT fight?
Hey buddy can somebody give me a light?
In fields here and there.
Non-baseball was played
Raise a cup for Ed Snowden.
Oh hai! NSA!
But back to our beisbol,
Did I mention the Series?
I thought so. We won.
So there's that.
Not even a chance with a rhyme
From that last one.
But the Sox won the World Series
So there's that.
John Farrell, Juan Nieves
Castig, Obie, too.
We never stray far from the
Words of that crew.
Since I'm feeling gen'rous
Call out to Merloni
John Rish and John Ryder
Third Mike Broni.
A year end salutation
Would not be complete
Without a big shout out to
People we meet.
First and foremost, hb,
The leader of the crew.
Without him, we'd be posting
On Sox.edu.
Rich, Nat, and Buck
Jfm and Kaz too.
SDU, whom I met
And who bought me a brew. (It was two)
Listing names can be trouble
I'll leave out a few.
Or a hundred,
I'm through.
Who knew?
Let's step and look fondly
On Twenty-13.
Be honest, you never saw
This in a dream.
We'll pause and consider
We'll never forget...
How to sync EEI
With a Fox TV set.
The year was a gift,
And the players were great
Now let's try to go
154 and 8.
To your families, and your friends,
Good joy, health and cheer,
From you surly, irascible
Old Pal, LC.

Happy Holidays.
See you in the Series.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Wow, Who Saw That Comin'?

Ce-LO Green inspired, I guess

They said we sucked last year and I guess that’s a fact,
but now it’s,

The Red Sox took the World Series in six brutal games
I'm like,
“And the Cardinals too."

I said,
"Lester’s a pitcher, Buch took the ball"
Ha, now ain't that some shit?
(Ain't that some shit?)
And although we questioned the team
And it seems like a dream
We say...

Yeah I'm sorry,
‘Bout the beer and chicken,
Questioned the bats, but the barrels came through.
Wainwright can deal it, but Papi’s got stones,
And the way we play your game ain't fair.
They get in the box
Rollup the big Sox
(Oh shit that one’s gone)
(Relax, it’s just long gone)
I've got some news for you.
Mike Matheny, tell your little red team.

I see you trying to figure how to keep the Sox down
and I'm like,
(It’s our town)
I guess  the12 to 6 bender wasn't enough
I'm like,
"+@%2 YOU!
And your little dog too."

I said,
"Lackey’s a pitcher, Breslow is not"
Dubront, who saw that comin’?
(I mean, really?)
There's lots of joy in my chest
And I wish you the best
With a...
(I can be a mensch too)

Now I know that
We gave up last year,
With Bobby Vee running the show.
Get the hell out,
Let the door hit you.
'Cause your sandwiches suck and you haven’t a clue.
Good old Larry
He fell in love with you
(Oh shit he's a problem)
(Just telling the truth, son)
We got some news for you.
We’re over that. For now.

Don’t want the season to end, it was just that cool
and I'm like,
I guess the guy Farrell babysat wasn't enough
I'm like,
And Dave Ross too."

I said,
"That guy with glasses, Beltran and Wacha"
John Jay and all their batters?
(It was our year. Simple as that)
Gomes, Naps, and Papi
My Little Pedroia
Here’s a...

Now Mike Matheny, with your model good looks?
(So cute, so bad, so gone)
And Prince Fielder (I know it’s another series)
This is one for your dad.
(Your dad, your dad, your dad)
Red Sox!
Red Sox!

{lots of ooohs}

and I'm like,

It’s been a long lonely winter in the AL East
I'm like,
It’s the Red Sox Crew."
I said,
"I’m not bitter, I’m not a quitter"
Ha, they won the Series.
(Ain't that some shit?)

And although McCarver is gone
We won’t be sad for too long
Please take

Don’t want the season to end, it was just that cool
and I'm like,
I guess the guy Farrell babysat wasn't enough
I'm like,
And Dave Ross too."

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Game Six

Ah, game 6... here's a history quiz for you, kids.
What player was announced on the NBC crawl in the 9th inning as the MVP of the 1986 World Series, just as "Schiraldi ran up an 0–2 count on Ray Knight, putting the Red Sox one strike away from winning the series"?
a. Marty Barrett
b. Bruce Hurst
c. Danny Heep
d. Dwight Evans
If you answered "B". Collect your prize.
Source: me. I friggin' witnessed it.
From Wikipedia" After recording two outs in the bottom of the 10th, a graphic appeared on the NBC telecast hailing Barrett as the Player of the Game, and Bruce Hurst had been named World Series MVP. A message even appeared briefly on the Shea Stadium scoreboard congratulating the Red Sox as world champions."
ps: I have never, ever, seen a replay of the 9th inning of that game. On the various retrospectives, I fast-forward. Once, I was walking through an airport as the clip was being played. I averted my eyes.
You're welcome.
TL:DR all chickens must be accounted for.
now, ❶

Monday, October 21, 2013

To The Series

[Apologies to the BEPeas. This works best if you keep a track of the song in your head,] ♫♫♫

Shane Victorino! Every night’s gonna be a good night
Every night's gonna be a good night
Every night's gonna be a good good night

Fuck the Tigers! (Woohoo) and that smarmy righthander Scherzer
Not to mention their Ace Verlander
And that guy that we had with a sweet girl’s name.
[reprise] x2
To the Series! Every night’s gonna be a good night
Every night's gonna be a good night
Every night's gonna be a good good night

It’s our year
Get in gear
Got the beards
Grown all year

Go out and win it
Like Farrell said
Come on St. Louis
Who’s. on. Your TEAM?

I know that we'll have a ball
If we get down
And go out
And just win it all

We were stressed out
But now we’re back
Lets go balls out ( balls out)
And beat the Cardin (als)

We’ve got the arms
The bats alive
Look at us winning
We. Can’t Be. STOPPED

Let's have a beer
Or make it six
A year ago
We were the shitz

Let's Do it (x4)
And do it (x2)
Let's live it up
And do it (x2)
And do it do it do it
Lets do it (x3)

Cause we’re on to the Series (Woohoo). I told you that I would see you there
And Bob said that he’d go and yak it up
And we’ll go and fight the righteous fight (x2)

Lester’s the MAN (HEY)
Koji for King (Koji for King!)
Even John Lackey (what?)
Let's wrap it up (Let's wrap it up )

It’s the World Series (SERIES)
Last year we sucked (Like Oh My God)
And now we’re back( It seems Nice)
Let's finish THIS

Fill up my cup (Beer!)
It’s not cheap (Yeah!)
Look at us winning (Suck it Suck it)
Just watch us GO

Let's paint the town (Paint the town)
We'll shut it down (Shut it down)
Let's start Lester (Wowowowoo)
And then Buch will do it again

Let's win it (x4)
And kill it (x2)
Let's live it up
And do it (Do it) And do it (And do it) And do it do it do it (And do it)
Let's do it (x2) Let's do it do it do it

Here we come
Here we go
We gotta win (win…win)

Bobby Vee
Please eat shit
Now we are on top top top

Tim McC
Joey Buck
Shut up. Just. Please stop stop stop stop stop stop

Base to Base
Up and in
Around the yard, yard yard

Salty, Petey, Papi and Naps (Do it)
Ellsbry, Gomesy, Shane Victorino (Do it)
We keep keep keep keep keep on going

We know how we play (play)
Mash It everyday (Day--)
M-M-Mash It everyday

To the Series! Every night’s gonna be a good night
Every night's gonna be a good night
Every night's gonna be a good good night