Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Well, "The King" seems to have captured the essence of the Glenn Geffner error:

Listening to Glenn Geffner is like listening to a little league baseball game on your local cable access channel. Geffner is downright hideous in his play by play routine, giddy, and full of useless statistics that annoy the listeners.

He continues, plaintively,

Please Theo. Forget your ties to old friend Geffner. He's killing the games, and forcing Joe to carry him through 9 innings. Please, set things right and send him to the Sea Dogs. Or better yet, West Hartford Little League just might create an opening for him so he can shine at the level where his talent lies.

This blog also has some comments, some of which prefer Geffner over O'Brien. (wow, who saw that coming?)

Switching between NESN and ESPN last night...OBie was on ESPN calling the Mets game. I'll repeat what I have said before: his voice is better suited for television, where sensory stimulus reigns supreme. In the more intimate setting of a radio broadcast, his voice is out of balance with Joe's.


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kzfone said...


The guy who likes Goof sounds like the same person who writes the Boston Radio Blog. That writer basically said the same thing, that he thought Obie was more suited for TV.

The guy couldn't be more wrong. And on Monday, NESN did the Portland Sea Dogs game, a gig that normally would go to Goof, but Eric Frede did it instead and it was a truly enjoyable experience. Unfortunately, that meant Goofie was doing the parent club that night. Hopefully next season, we won't be subjected to minor league announcing by a woefully inferior personality.


P.S. I'll be linking this entry from my blog later today. Good work as always, Lou.