Saturday, June 23, 2007

An Announcer Should Not Cause A Listener To Turn Off The ball Game

I'll admit, part of me wanted to leave the last two posts up top of the blog, just to let the fact of Glenn Geffner's pathetic "career" in San Diego persist a bit longer.

Summary: his partners thought he was forced on them and they froze him out. He was "jettisoned" after one year.

But, I ran across an ongoing thread on Sons Of Sam Horn which I have mentioned before. [Disclosure: I am not one of the "cool kids" and have not been invited to be a member there]. The thread is entitled "Bring Me The Head Of Glenn Geffner" and it continues to have life more than a month after it was started. A few recent sample comments:

"The funny thing is that Joe has clearly tuned Geffner's constant chatter and factoid stream out, because he'll end up repeating things Geffner has just said like 10 seconds earlier. I don't blame Joe -- if I had the game in front of me I'd be tuning Geffner out too."

"I hated...HATED...when Troup would do the "WAAAAAY-BACK" on a pop-up, but it never made me want to turn the radio off. Last night I turned the radio off."

"This guy is a fucking Red Sox flak, and it pisses me off. Tonight for an entire two at bats he went on about some special Red Sox scholarship program for kids. He just stopped doing play-by-play and did the corporate drop for pitch after pitch. I was literally screaming at the radio for him to just do the game, goddammit, and shut up already about Larry's and Steinberg's latest community feel good venture. I mean it was blatant. He was reading from a fucking script for five minutes while the game went on. That, and the fact that he blows anyway, is just too much to take. I HATE what their doing over there. Castig's days are numbered. He's too authentic."

Followed by this response:

"I think the situation was even worse than you are depicting. I think what happened is that he had a brief script, but after reading it, he decided to prove to his bosses what a great hire he was by extending his monologue regarding their pet project for a few more minutes. He said a few truly idiotic things during his soliloquy, which makes me believe it wasn't all scripted. It was an absolute joke and, frankly, far more annoying than anything Trupe ever did."

Geffner in fact did the game in SD on Friday night, but, to be honest, I was alseep shortly after Matsusaka got out of the first inning.



kzfone said...


I was able to listen to Trup last night during the College World Series. I have a comparison on Fang's Bites.



LC said...

Good stuff, Ken. I will forgive you for being a Sirius subscriber, as opposed to XM


kzfone said...


Hopefully when the merger takes place, we'll be able to talk about MLB programming. ;-)