Thursday, June 28, 2007

Quitting Time

4 hours plus of Geffner and Poor Old Joe in the exciting game 3 in Seattle. Excessive use of 3x5 cards by Geffner, as always.

This crutch was exemplified in the middle innings when Geffner, with an intermittant assist from Joe, basically read an article in a local paper which discussed the fact that a local bar, by serendipty, has the same name as Wednesday's Seattle starter, one Ryan Feierabend. The bar in question is Feierabends.

This means, in German, "quitting time". Ok, so it's an interesting coincidence. But do we really need an inning full of quotes from the story (the kid has never been there) drinking age jokes (the kid is barely 21), and a statement from the bar manager that "he is welcome anytime". I say no.
Then, as verbal punctuation for this aimless babble, Geffner says, "Quitting time, indeed" followed by [drum roll] "this kid has no quit in him".

Oddly, with the game on the line in the 10th, Geffner did an impersonation of a major league play by play man, actually identifying pitches, and leaving out the nonsense (I guess he had exhausted his notecard collection). Joe, however, was silent. The whole enterprise is amateurish.

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