Sunday, June 24, 2007

R.I.P. Rod Beck

Dude wasn't that old...

In other news, Glenn Geffner is hanging on the the mike by his fingernails in Game 3 vs. The Padres. In the first inning, aside from a 3x5 read of Jake Peavey's pitching stats [summary: he's good], Glenn tried to stuff in a comment about Padre hitting, only to be stepped on by Joe, who had to read a lottery promo, which he does every day in the bottom of the first. Glenn shoehorned his notecard comment in, thus stepping on Joe's subsequent call of the last batter.

Absolutely nothing from Geffner in a rather exciting top of the second (VTek bloop triple).

Beck's death was announced during a studio break. Joe C had some comments. Apparently Geffner didn't have any note cards on Beck, since he said nothing.

Geffner call in the top of the third consists of more exposition on Peavey with an intermittant ball/strike call.

In describing Crisp's now-ended 8 game hitting streak, he referred to as "his second 8-game tear of the year". Ever the company man.

Oh-oh here comes the Jake Peavy-on-the-road notecard.
Joe C immediately follows up this insight by noting, appropo of nothing, that the Padres don't hold runners well.

Maybe this is just "Random Factiod Sunday"

Here's one: the Padres Spanish Broadcaster calls Peavy "La Flama de Alabama"

The Spanish guy "is one of the finest guys you'll meet in baseball". That's today's first nomination. There will be more.

Joe C mentions something Jerry Coleman said about Peavy. Geffner ignores the Coleman reference.

Geffner is getting excited (2 RS men on). I really have to listen hard to understand what he is saying.

4:51 pm: there have been big crowds in San Diego all weekend.

4:55 pm: There is a big crowd in San Diego today.

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