Friday, June 22, 2007

San Diego

Sure enough, Glenn is in San Diego. As we learned yesterday, he was "jettisoned" from his job calling the Padre games after only one year, after having his talents forced on Jerry Colemen.

But now, he is ours, speaking for Red Sox Nation to a poor unsuspecting Sand Diego reporter who is trying to set the table for the weekend series.

Glenn sayeth: “When I went to Northwestern, I went to a lot of Cub games, and this is just different,” said Glenn Geffner, a former Red Sox (and Padres) communications director who's now a Boston broadcaster. “Going to Wrigley Field is a social occasion, like going to a great party. Going to Fenway is like going to church."

I agree that the experience is different, but church-like it ain't. Maybe if you pray at the Church of Blutarsky.

(devout Red Sox Fan praying)

(supplicants queueing for communion)

Meanwhile, another member of the flock is pining for Trup. Apparently refusing to or unwilling to name Monsignor Geffner (before you go to the trouble, that phrase returns exactly zero Google hits), the writer finds the chalice half empty:

Trupiano's was a deep voice. His replacement is high-pitched, too quick to speak, too insistent on a rapid flow of information.

Bless You All,


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