Friday, June 15, 2007

Sweet Release

Obie be back. Little Feller is silenced.

I have concluded that there are four red sox radio broadcasters:

1. Obie
2. Little Feller (Glenn 3x5 Geffner)
3. Joe Castiglione, when broadcasting with O'Brien
4. Poor old Joe C, when broadcasting with Geffner.

In short, Joe sounds like a different person when he does not have the 3x5 albatross around the mike.



kzfone said...

I was driving home from work tonight, lc, and for the first time in two weeks, enjoyed the radio broadcast with Obie at the mike. You're totally right. Joe is a different announcer when he's on with Obie. His sense of humor is back. Joe is quicker at picking up details. Plus, his laughs with Obie are genuine as compared to Goofner when Joe forces a laugh at the lame attempts at humor by GG.

With Obie, Joe sounds as if he's back with Trup.


Jeremiah Andrews said...
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