Thursday, June 21, 2007

Glenn Geffner Goes Back To San Diego?

Right. Off day. Obie and The Good Joe performed well for two straight days.

Now the circus is off to San Diego, where Glenn Geffner made his "chops" as a MLB announcer. I honestly can't imagine him in the same zipcode as Jerry Coleman.

And, it turns out Coleman agreed. Here's a report from 2005 which described Coleman's reaction to "being forced" to share the mike with Geffner:

There is [in 2005] definitely a mutual respect in the booth, which wasn't the case in 2002, when Padres media relations director Glenn Geffner was thrown into the mix as a third voice in spring training.

Geffner was competent and had several years experience as a minor-league play-by-play man, but he was basically forced on Leitner and Coleman and was effectively frozen out of the booth.

Geffner has landed on his feet as media relations director for the World Champion Boston Red Sox.

Geffner's departure was after a single year. The headline in 2002 was "Geffner Jettisoned"


Tanks fer nuffin', Larry

Of course, Geffner earned his bones in Boston taking on the hard-hitting issues like whether Theo Epstein would attend a high school prom in Maine

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soxdownunder said...

Hey, I'm of to SD too. May I could, well ki ... ask him nicely to stop broadcasting.