Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Alright, We Get It.

Glenn Geffner went to the HOF weekend. Not much about his visit that he didn't share with us. I had to sign on the interwebs to figure out what the score was.

Oh, and the wince-inducing "Goodbye" call on Ortiz' home run


Steve said...

A week ago Saturday I listened to 3x5 calll the game with the White Sox. Something struck me that day and I've been looking ever since to try to see where he was coming from. When describing a Chicago pitcher working from the windup he stated the guy had his feet spread apart on the rubber and this was unusual because most pitchers are heel-to-heel feet together.

Well Geffo I've watched every Sox game for a week and a half and I've seen exactly one pitcher who was heel-to-heel from the windup all the others have had their feet spread.

What a knucklehead.

Rob said...

Why I want Barry Bonds to hurry up and tie/break the record:

We'll get our Dave O'Brien back.

He's sticking around out in LA at least one more night (Wednesday night) broadcasting the SF/LAD game on espn like he did tonight, leaving us to the wonderment that is Glenn Geffner. I wonder if I could pick up the Orioles radio network on the AM Radio... I used to. 1090 AM. I think they changed to FM, though.

Cole Kenman said...

Bonds went 0-fer tonight so we're definitely stuck with Captain Clueless at the mic for another night.

Larry, are you reading these comments? A franchise like the Red Sox deserves a lot better than this shmuck calling games.

I think ESPN is going to start another miniseries and call it "The 3x5's Ears are Burning".