Monday, July 16, 2007

Cringe Radio

4th Inning Sox-Royals, and Theresa, a young student at Natick High School is the "Junior Broadcaster" as a result of a Market Basket contest. Glenn is on the call. He has nothing for her. Joe (welcome back Joe!) tries to help out. She is understandably nervous.

I think there is a conspiracy afoot, namely to introduce a voice to the broadcast that is less polished than Glenn's (sorry Theresa, I'm not complaining about you, you did a great job).

Of course, the whole point of the promotion is that the kid introduces the first three batters of the inning. Glenn forgot to let her do it for the third batter.

Thus we have a perfect combination of infomercial and aimlessness.

(ps: 2 home runs were hit)


Here's the fun contest:

Market Basket Junior Broadcaster Contest
Hey Boston baseball fans, visit a participating Market Basket location for your chance to win a Boston baseball experience for you son or daughter. This is your chance to have your child visit the WEEI/WRKO Boston baseball broadcast booth for 3 innnings of a game this summer. They would get the chance to meet Joe Castiglione, Dave O'Brien, and Glenn Geffner. So head into a Market Basket right now for your chance to register and win! Best of luck!

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Steve said...

I hope geffner felt sufficiently threatened by Theresa's presence.