Sunday, July 15, 2007

Dave and Glenn, Day 3

The lame attempts at hijinx and hilarity were dialed back by the two announcers last night. Somebody with a lick of sense must have gotten to them after the Friday night game and told them that it wasn't working.

Here's a further example of how bad it was on Friday night. A continuing theme/obsession of Geffner as the game progressed was that no pitcher had pitched a clean, perfect inning in the game. I mean this went on half inning after half inning. Finally, Timlin got a 123 inning in the 7th or 8th, and O'Brien, mockingly, gives it the big call, like it was a game-winning hit. At least I think it was mockingly. At any rate, O'Brien gives it the call and Glenn reacts as if the call was legit. Aside from being obsessed with notecard trivia, Geffner doesn't have the good sense to know when somene is making fun of him.


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Larry said...

I'm glad other people are on to this.-I have been complaining about the new broadcasters since they started.-Geffner should run a hypnosis center.He is sooo boring, and shows no emotion.When he tries to show some excitement, it comes off as phony.

-At least the guy Dave has a decent radio voice.-Joe will be gone as soon as his contract is up.-Glenn needs to go, and they need to find someone with a pulse to take his place.

I used to hate it when Troupiano blew the home run calls, but at least It was interesting to listen to the games.-Have they turned down the crowd noise as well?