Friday, July 13, 2007

Dave and Glenn

As announced by Joe C on Sunday, he is "away" following the AllStar Break. In his place were Dave O'Brien and Glenn Geffner.

[To be honest, I only heard bits and pieces, give the fact that I was on the traditional Thursday Night Bike Ride (very pleasant, by the way). I stole a listen here and there and what follows might be skewed based on small sample size]

Dave was trying really hard to bring Geffner into the flow. He cast a few "Glenn?'s" his way to try to knock him off his house of notecards. Success was perceptible, but limited. During Glenn's call (the parts that I heard) O'Brien was right up in the mike, trying to maintain momentum.

At this point, O'Brien clearly has more skin in the game than Joe Castiglione in making Geffner listenable. Good luck, bro.

The overall impression is that is the dry run for Your 2008 Boston Red Sox Baseball Radio Team. However, this is based on no fact, but just a sense.

Prove me wrong, Larry. I'm begging you.


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tmb said...

I agree with you, Lou...please prove us all wrong. Going from Castiglione/Trupiano to O'Brien/Geffner in two seasons time would be extremely disappointing. Not even necessarily knocking O'Brien but it will truly be a challenge for him to develop any kind of banter with Geff...part of the issue is that he's used to calling games on ESPN with a true color commentator, i.e. a former player who can provide some insight about the game.

If Joe is indeed retiring after the season that will truly be sad. He is the last link to Red Sox and old time baseball history. I could envision future Sox radio broadcasts with Obie and Geff as mere infomercials with games going in the background.