Friday, July 20, 2007

Eight Straight For Geffner

Sox barely fogging a mirror... Geffner on eight straight games.
You might call this a low point.


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The King said...

It's worse than a lowpoint. My God, did you hear that rambling, giddy idiot the other night when they were talking about the Red Sox Nation President. Worst hour in the history of Red Sox broadcasting... I mean the worst.

The only way he stays is if he is truly Epstein's boy. God, poor Castiglione.. did you hear the lags of silence. I mean what do you expect Joe to do to bail Geffner out of his own gagging words. One word... Pathetic.

And to think, I USED to switch RemDawg off to listen to RADIO... what next? Do I need to turn to opponent broadcasting booths?