Saturday, July 21, 2007

Geffner. Saturday. Boring.

I have listened to most of the game. All he does is read stats and talk about relationships between numbers that have no significance.

Oh, and some guy who pitches for the White Sox spells his name with two ss's and ends it with two nn's



Rob said...

I watched the tv for the first time in a long time without the radio for sound... and it was FOX! Gasp! It was because of Joe Buck and Tim McCarver (mostly Buck) that I started muting the tv and listening to the radio back in the 2004 playoffs. Today, Thom Brenneman and Joe Girardi had the call, and Girardi has some pretty good insight, and seeing as he was NL Manager of the Year last year, he gives you that unique and most interesting commentation and perspective.

If you watched the game on FOX today, you'll probably be as angry as I am. Three times they cut to the Giants/Brewers game for Barry Bonds' at-bats. The first time didn't bother me because it was between innings in Boston. But the next two days, they cut away from the Sox/Sox game to show, full screen, Barry Bonds. Not everyone can just flip the radio on. (And if they did, things wouldn't get much better because of you-know-who manning the mic.)

How hard is it to have a little box showing the Sox game during the at-bat? Or, better yet... a little box showing Bonds?

They got back from the at-bats and didn't even tell the viewers what happened in the Red Sox game, either. All of a sudden, Lugo just materialized on second base.

Thanks a lot, FOX.

Steve said...

I listened to the entire game today as I wasn't home. It was the first time this season I was subjected to an entire game of Geffner. It was so bad I got home and sat in the dark just to decompress from his nonsense.

He tried to be more descriptive today almost as if he read the critique of Obie by Mr/Mrs Anonymous left earlier in the week. And, uh, it didn't work. I think he even had the descriptions written down so he could read them.