Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Give Me A C

I gave some thought to doing a mid-season report card for the announcers, but my views of the radio broadcast team for the Red Sox are apparent from the daily posts here. In summary, here's what I would say:

Joe Castiglione with Dave O'Brien: B He is what he is. Comfortable, knowledgeable, a member of the family. No fireworks. He suffers along with us when Julio Lugo goes 0 for '07, but Joe is no Scully.

Poor Old Joe (Castiglione with Geffner): C- Points for referring to Glenn's work history as a serial publisher of media guides. Points for ignoring Geffner when the listener is trying to do the same. Points off for not just smacking him in the mouth.

Dave O'Brien: B- I'm not sold on OBie, but he does have a basic knowledge of the game. His voice is out of scale on radio, though.

Glenn Geffner: F+ He gets credit for showing up, even if we pray he doesn't. Otherwise, he is horrific in a cat-sucks-the-air-out-of-a-baby way.

Another poster is a bit more generous, giving the broadcasts a C overall.

Here's what he says about the our pal Glenn:

Which brings us to the ugly stepchild of the group, Glenn Geffner. The guy has been just brutal this year. His voice is grating but more importantly he lacks an understanding of the pacing of the game of baseball. Everything he says feels rushed and he seems like he just is determined to get through his notes for the game rather than letting the game dictate what he talks about. Obviously you don’t want dead air on radio, but the occasional moment to catch one’s breath is acceptable.

And, at Sox and Dawgs, there was a discussion about Joe's "time away" after the All Star break.

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