Tuesday, July 17, 2007

"Go Away, Soon"

Here's a fellow with a thoughtful discussion of the transition from Trup to O'Brien. He did not like Trup much.

He writes: "I find Geffner to be fawning, bland annoyance, which puts him on a par with Trupiano, except that Trupiano wasn’t fawning or bland."

and concludes

"I haven’t heard
Geffner be anything but obsequious, not only toward Sox players, but those on the other team, and whomever else arises in the conversation. I don’t wish him ill, but I do hope he’ll go away, soon."




And a special shout out to The Boston Red Sox, or at least four people from the Boston Red Sox who visited 38cliches.com yesterday. Love you, love the show. I'd especially like to thank the visitor who logged 20 page views from Fenway. I hope you got a sense of what RSN is saying about your little experiment, Glenn Geffner.


sonomasox said...

LC - This is getting more painful by the day...

Real Q is not when Goofner will leave but how many cases of Allen's will have to consume to make through October?

LC said...


All I can say is Allen's will rot my teeth before GG bites the dust.