Friday, July 27, 2007

God Is Great

He has made it possbile for Dave O'Brien to call tonight's RS game from Tampa on the SHAW'S WRKO Radio Network. has obtained an exclusive transcript of Dave O'Brien's conversation with himself earlier this week:

[ begin transcript]

Dave: Let's see, last Friday I was in LA getting ready for Beckham football in the US,and I got to meet Posh Spice, who was Lindsay Lohan 20 years ago.

On Saturday, I announced DBeckham's first football game in Carlsbad, CA.

On Monday, I called Barry Bonds game in San Francisco. He is threatening to break one of the most enduring records in baseball.

On Tuesday,I got a call saying I had to be in Tampa Bay this weekend,because that little **** Geffner is so annoying.


[end transcript]

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