Sunday, July 8, 2007

Here's The Problem

A brutal game on Saturday night, 13 inning loss. Poor Old Joe has suffered through two blow outs and that grinder in the last 3 days, all with Glenn Geffner at his side.

An exchange in the 1st inning Saturday night clarified the Geffner problem for me.

Top of the first, one out. Pedroia on third after hitting a triple(!). Ortiz is up. Leland brings the infield in, which strikes Joe as unusual. Joe goes through the possible explanations for the Tiger manager's choice, but remains perplexed. He says to Geffner, heretofore silent in the first inning: "That's weird, don't you think?" Geffner audibly drops a beat or two, ignores the question, and plows ahead with statistics of Red Sox batters vs. Bonderman, the Detroit pitcher.

The problem is that Geffner has never acquired the skill of calling a major league game with another announcer. Yes, he has seasons' experience in the minors, but minor league baseball is generally a one man booth. You need your note cards to fill the air.

And don't give me his Major League experience in San Diego. He was on his own there too. As was mentioned a couple of weekends ago, Geffner was forced on the existing broadcast crew and was "frozen out" by them.

"Geffner was competent and had several years experience as a minor-league play-by-play man, but he was basically forced on Leitner and Coleman and was effectively frozen out of the booth."

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In short, Geffner doesn't know how to call a major league game, and hasn't learned in 80 games.


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Dave Scott threw a shot at Geff in his story on Dale Arnold being dropped by NESN. Catch it here.