Tuesday, July 3, 2007


It's the worst thing you can say about a baseball broadcaster.

It's not a word I would throw around loosely. However, in the July 2 broadcast, Geffner and a lesser extent, Joe were really trying hard to build up Julio Lugo. They brought in Bill Ballou to enumerate other horrific Oh-Fer's by famous ballplayers (Jeter, Jackson, CRipken).

It was annoying. And when the crowd got up a chant for Lugo at the end of the game, they described it with the same intensity as Susan Waldman braying about RClemens being in George Steinbrenner's box. Lugo failed to get a hit, the crowd turned on him, but that dynamic passed unremarked upon.

You decide.


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Anonymous said...

I think in the case of Lugo the announcers are in a tough spot. Like all of us listening at this point we feel sorry for him (Lugo, not Geffner). I didn't listen to the inning in question, but I'm guessing all they were trying to do was pull for him to finally get off the schnide. I suppose they should have at least made a remark about the crowd's reaction after he was retired and if they truly sounded like Waldman while he was up at the plate that is very sad because that Waldman/Roger moment might've been a low in baseball broadcasting. While I was watching Lugo's AB on television I actually thought it was nice that the crowd was pulling for him, typically they'd be running the guy out of town on a rail; actually gives me hope for some of the yahoos that pass themselves off as Red Sox fans.