Thursday, July 26, 2007

I've Lost Track

Of how many games in a row Glenn Geffner has been broadcasting RS games.

No I haven't. It's 14. That's two full weeks of metaphorical paper cuts to my brain from Glenn Geffer's incessant note card reading.

A couple of clean-up items today (avoiding the pain of the 1-0 loss in Cleveland on Wednesday).

First, Jason over at Soxaholix posted a commment about how the whitewashing of Jerry Trupiano's departure was brought to a new level on WEEI earlier this week:

I can only stomach WEEI in short periods, but yesterday the Stalinist airbrushing of your man Trupiano was completed. An obviously planted caller phoned in to gush how O'Brien and Geffner provide "nice contrast" to Castiglione. Glenn Ordway went on to opine that one's announcer preference "is a matter of your perspective." A shameful display given the obvious shaft job given to Trupiano and his extremely weak replacement.

We have written about the whole Manchurian Candidate approach to Trup in the RS organization. Apparently, it filters down or up to the "talent" on the talk shows beholden to the RS as well. Sad. What a bag job.

And a quick note memorializing this blog as the Blog of Record for all things Geffner. One enterprising contributor to Wikipedia is fighting the battle to get the Truth About Geffner out there, only to be beaten back by the thought police at Wiki.

The Glenn Geffner entry currently reads in part:

Geffner has received very poor reviews, largely due to his sinusoidal cadence and incessant delivery.[1],[2]
References [1]: [2]:

That will undoubtedly be taken down soon, as there seems to be an effort to squelch any criticism of him.

Note: I have nothing to do with this entry, other than this feeble attempt to preserve it out of the control of Wiki.

[Update of 7/30: Sure enough, the wiki entry has been sanitized. The excorcism was carred out 7/29. The following summary pertains:

07:25, 29 July 2007 Irishguy (Talk | contribs) (659 bytes) (removed personal commentary, unreliable sources)


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