Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Let's Give Glenn Something To Talk About

Oh, Brother. Tuesday's crushing bore-fest (RS lose to KC) had Glenn Geffner's shallow pool of knowledge on full display.

Here's the general pattern:

First 4 innings: talk about last night's game

Middle 2 innings: talk about the in-booth guest [last night Chris Jabolonski from Shaw's Supermarket. Chris' uncle Heywood played for the Rochester Red Wings and Glenn knows all about them, since he don't know sqat about the Red Sox] and that ridiculous President Of Red Sox Nation nonsense. Joe is running. Joe is supported by somebody called Kay Hanley, who sings the theme song to "Fun With Tigger and Pooh", a favorite in the Geffner household [Police songs being too crazy heavy metal]

Last 3 innings: talk about the stellar matchup the next night.

Try to mix in the call of the game there somewhere.

As for the PORN promotion, as I prefer to call it, it's a typical Larry gak-fest. Catch this:

"The President would have a blog provided by the Red Sox."

I am considering a run for the spot. Right now, I have a 3 plank platform:

1. Pink Hats designated as evidence of devil worship.
2. "Sweet Caroline" replaced by "Rockin' In The Free World"
3. Glenn Geffner given a ten-year sabbatical to study at the Connecticut School of Broadcasting

Are you with me?

Finally, more traffic from the Red Sox offices in the last 24-hours. I am available for a draft...



doug "THE DUDE" griffin said...

Yes--I support your platform--I will vote early and often--

The King said...

Can't you stick Geffner at the Washington State School of Broadcasting. Do you think we want him here doing New Britain Rockcat games? Have a little heart, my friend.

Anonymous said...

Kay Hanley is the former lead singer of one of the great Boston bands of the early-90s Letters to Cleo. She's a big baseball fan who once refused to have her picture taken with '86 WS MVP Ray Knight and her son is named Henry Aaron in honor of the man himself.