Tuesday, July 24, 2007

"Like Dressing Up A Pig"

I was copied on a long, pain-filled email to Dave Scott, of Scott's Shots, concerning the whole switch to Geffner. With the author's permission, and respecting his/her request for anonymity, I am including it here. I try to answer some of the questions at the end.


I see there is a groundswell of disdain for Geffner. A great example is the blog

38cliches.com(cc'd in this email), where we find a refreshingly honest
and thorough opinion of the topic.

First, I don't know much about the departure of Jerry Trupiano. And I
have a problem with that. Count me in as someone who liked Trupiano.
I'm not sure why they broke up the tandem, familiar voices, and rapport
that I've grown accustomed to. Normally, things like this are covered
by the media because it's a big issue affecting most of the fans. But,
since most of my source of varied opinions comes from the papers and
sports radio, I haven't heard much about this. Is it a coincidence that
the coverage of Trupiano wasn't really addressed by WEEI on the air? But
that's not the point.

Here's my real problem. Nobody can explain why they let go of Trupiano
at the SAME time they expanded the team to three people. I can
understand the hiring of O'Brien. He's a professional. But Geffner
clearly is not. Sure, people have suggested he stop being merely a
conduit of the media guide and that he slow down, but that's like
dressing up a pig. His voice is not fit for broadcast and I can't even
explain the pattern of word emphasis he employs. He doesn't have a
likable radio presence, and such, he's not fit for the booth. There's
the old expression that "he has a face for radio", which can now be
adapted to "he has a voice for print media".

In the interest of full disclosure, I'll admit that I knew it was a bag
job from the beginning. I knew he was an inside man and has been on the
fast track for a few years now. But when I first heard of this move, I
told everyone I knew that I wanted to give this new guy a chance. After
all, he must be qualified, right? Well, I gave him that chance, and I
just don't like it. The bag job just makes it even worse, because he
might not be as accountable for his lack of talent and may have a longer
leash than otherwise entitled.

So, I needed to vent to someone. You wrote about the issue, so you're a
great place to start. I have two questions:

Where are the answers?
Where is the outrage?

First off, I am flattered that you would include me in a sentence with Dave Scott, who does a great job picking morsels out of the teeth of the Boston Sports scene. And, I have to say that, with a vehicle that does not reliably pick up WEEI, or its various sister stations, I don't know about the refusal to talk about Trup or Geffner. One or another poster has commented that they are a little hard on Geffner, but that seems unlikely to me.

It is peculiar in another sense, namely that as a "three man team" Joe seldom mentions O'Brien when he is not there and [needless to say] Geffner never mentions him. The sole exception is the stupid President of Red Sox Nation (PORN) where Joe occasionally credits Geff and Obie as his "campaign managers". There is no sense of "teamness" And, certainly, for the last two weeks, we have been subjected to Geffner's mind-numbing note card readings.

In short,

1. The answer is that Larry Lucchino does what he wants, and Geffner is his safe boy.

2. I am outraged.


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