Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A Little Ray Of Sunshine

As Glenn Geffner chug chug chugs along during Game 3 of RS/KC, as I write this [Damn! He's still talking about Kason Gabbard's performance and they are doing the PORN talk again!], I'd like you to take the time to look at a long, thoughtful and seemingly well-informed comment on

Dave and Glenn, Day 4

which (the comment I mean) was posted earlier today. Mr./Ms. Anonymous states "In all probability, Dave will be around for years and years, working with Joe for a long time to come, as a two-man booth, beginning in 2008. I have that on strong authority."

Praise The Lord.

Mr./Ms. A also has some criticism of the consistency and level of understanding of some of my observations since this blog started. I have tried to respond following his/her comment. In all, I appreciate the care and thoughtfulness with which the comments were offered.


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soxdownunder said...

Let's hope anon is correct,
chopped liver downunder