Monday, July 30, 2007


The "why did Geffner come to Boston" question struck a nerve with a bunch of people, one commenter included.

If this whole 'I'm not coming to Boston unless you get me a radio gig, Larry' bit is true, then ship him back to the west coast. Are you telling me that he's so valuable a PR guy that the organization can't get along without him? Lucchino claims he stays on top of what the public thinks...if he hasn't seen blogs like this or heard recent rumblings on the radio pertaining to Geff than L-squared is as clueless as G-squared and the two of them should go back to San Diego where they can stay classy together.

Me? I'm just a fan.

Maybe Someone Who Knows could help me out. Some people say that Geffner is a stop gap. Others think this 3-man whryligig will go on for a while.

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