Sunday, July 29, 2007

Resorting To This

Dave O'Brien sounded great with Joe C. again on Saturday night. There is a new energy (probably more relief on Joe's part that he doesn't have to boost along Glenn Geffner).

And, in light of repeated criticism here,there is a new feature to the broadcast: Each of the last two nights, Joe has expressly referred to Dave's duties at ESPN. Dave, in turn, has shared several stories about ESPN and games he has broadcast for them. It seems that they have broken through the "don't ask, don't tell" policy of not addressing that.

A couple of other things...

As you know, I am mildly curious about who visits this site, and have remarked on the steady traffic from the Red Sox administrative offices. I welcome them. Friday night and Saturday, there were several visits from a new location: The Don Cesar Beach Resort and Spa, on St. Petersburg Beach, Florida. Hmmm, I think, isn't that where the ball club and the media stay when the boys are in town to play the DRays? Thanks for checking us out. Make sure you send Glenn Geffner our way, ok?

Because, I would like to know if this next little tid-bit is true. A few weeks ago, I linked to a posting entitled "Glenn Geffner Continues His Assault on Red Sox Fans"

A couple of weeks after the original post, a curious comment showed up there:

Apparently, Geffner only agreed to come to the Sox from the Padres on a promise from Lucchino that he'd eventually be given a radio gig. The radio guys reluctantly gave him an audition and thought he sucked (wise men, all), so they refused to give him the job. Lucchino overruled them though, so they said the only way Geffner was getting on air was if he split the season with someone else (that's how Dave O'Brien got his gig).

Glenn, could you confirm this once you are back from the pool at the Don Cesar? Thanks.


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Cole Kenman said...

If this whole 'I'm not coming to Boston unless you get me a radio gig, Larry' bit is true, then ship him back to the west coast. Are you telling me that he's so valuable a PR guy that the organization can't get along without him? Lucchino claims he stays on top of what the public thinks...if he hasn't seen blogs like this or heard recent rumblings on the radio pertaining to Geff than L-squared is as clueless as G-squared and the two of them should go back to San Diego where they can stay classy together.