Monday, July 23, 2007

Second Wind

I have mentioned the May "Bring Me The Head of Glenn Geffner" thread at SOSH before. It has recently picked up new life, with the continuation of Geffner's (11 days and counting) Geffnothon.

A few comments:

How come this thread isn't 20 pages long yet? We could effect some change if there were more outrage here (I hope, anyway). I know a ton of people can't stand Geffner's monotonous, super-ultra-infinite media guide factoid stream.

I can't take another two and a half months of this crap.


What I absolutely can't stand about Geffner is how he has to finish his thought while the game goes right on. He'll start saying something, you'll hear the crack of the bat, or the fans cheer/groan, but he'll finish his sentence, and THEN tell you what happened. Even though it's like three seconds, I hate knowing that something just happened, but I don't know what happened cause Geffner won't shut up!

"And his stats in night games indicate that..." *crack* "...he has trouble picking up the ball in the lights and that one is rolled foul."

Shut up, Geffner.


Can we drive him out of town, or is that just silly talk? The guy is horrible. Beyond talking too much, and giving useless information, and annoying Joe so much that he doesn't listen and then repeats him, Geffner just can't provide us the basic service of emphasizing the right syllables in a word and words in a sentence. Plus, his shouting home run call is embarassing.

Why is the Red Sox fan community seemingly taking this lying down? People in my office are writing emails that go off into cyberspace, never to be seen again, but mostly it seems we're resigned to his presence because he's a house man. But do the Red Sox really care so little about the radio listening community that they'd just alienate us on purpose? Is it possible that ratings are down? Does anyone have access to that information. I know I certainly listen to fewer games on the radio because of Geffner. It's excruciating.

Trupiano was annoying, but he was never physically painful in the way Geffner is. Listening to him is like watching a bad stand-up comic.


I agree with much of the commentary here. Geffner just has an incredibly drab, boring, on-and-on-and-on-and-on voice that is not conducive to relating the ebb and flow of a baseball game over the radio. And for some reason, over the last few weeks, he is on literally every time I'm in the car. I know Castig was out for a bit, and O'Brien has a million ESPN commitments, but still, maddening anti-karma.

It's a real shame as well, because Trupe had kind of run his course in my mind and Dave O'Brien was an absolutely terrific hire with a great voice and natural charisma with pretty much everyone he works with (hell he makes it work with Steve Phillips, Joe Castiglione must seem like the most intelligent man to walk the Earth). If true about next year, excellent news. I also think just naturally it's hard to get into a rhythm for the two of the three that are in the booth at the time when it is on again, off again.


I can't decide what I hate more about Geffner, his pointless rambling or his voice. His voice just simply does not work for baseball. Baseball on the radio has a soothing, calming quality. Geffner's voice jumps out at you and to the forefront of the broadcast. It's no longer a baseball game with someone telling you what happened, it's Glenn Geffner shrieking about something while a baseball game takes place in the background. He has a voice fit for AA. Seriously, he sounds like every other minor league voice out there, if you've listened to minor league baseball. High pitched, annoying, grating, etc...With Joe C in the booth, it's nice to have a deep voice to complement his nasally tone.


birthofasoxfan97 said...

OK lc, I can finally comment on your blog after watching from afar over at soxaholix. Moved back to MA last week from TX and listened to the game coming in from the beach yesterday. GG's definitely bad, but I was pleasantly surprised to hear just how little he talked. It was essentially a one man show. Which was a little weird, but it wasn't as bad as having to hear an ESPN team. Maybe one game isn't enough to judge...

Rob said...

Looks like it's going to be yet another Geffner Game tomorrow night because Dave O'Brien is doing his ordinary Monday Night Baseball game with Rick Sutcliffe out in San Francisco. Not sure who called the ESPN2 game in Cleveland to nationally televise Jon Lester's great comeback to the Majors. He pitched very well, by the way, despite getting the bases loaded in the 4th. It's always just as impressive to see a pitcher work out of a jam as it is for him not to get into any to begin with.

Ah, well. Soon, this will all be a distant memory. I'll deal with Geffner for the season, but I want Obie at the mic in the playoffs. Thing is, I don't see it happening. I see him broadcasting on ESPNRadio again. Meh. Can you just imagine Geffner... say it's the 10th inning in the World Series (or any other playoff clinching game) and the Red Sox win?

Joe Castiglione's World Series call still plays today. If Geffner calls the world series win, I don't want to hear that call for the next three years.

cole kenman said...

Hopefully there's a clause in Geffner's contract that he's not allowed to call any extra innings of playoff games, or he has to yield to Joe with two outs in the extra frame...and I don't care if that would be considered embarrassing to him because GiGi's work is an embarrassment to Red Sox fans listening everywhere.