Sunday, July 1, 2007

Something About Obie

I have to admit, that I prefer Obie to Geffner, but neither compares to Trup.

O'Brien is, as I have said before, somewhat out of scale to the intimacy of radio. In addition, sometimes he says things that show that he might be a little, uh, shallow.
For example, in Saturday night's game, O'Brien described Jacoby Ellsbury's speed in beating out a grounder for an infield hit.

"He went down the line as if he was a cannon", said O'Brien.

I think the proper metaphor is that he looked like he was shot out of a cannon. Let's face it, cannons don't go down to first base very quickly.



Steve said...

All announcers make mistakes like the one you describe above. People do it in their everyday lives. Those are forgivable. What isn't is the preperation mistakes that guys like Geffner, Morgan and McCarver make all the time.

LC said...

A fair point Steve. We do all make mistakes. Maybe it was a mistake on my part to single out that remark by O'Brien. However, it does seem to be part of a pattern.

Cole Kenman said...

As much as Dave O'Brien is a vast improvement over GiGi, I listened to about 10-15 minutes over the weekend while Obie was on the call and found that--at least while I was listening--he didn't add that much more to the overall broadcast than Geffner. Almost sounded like he was reading little factoids off 3x5 cards himself or he stated the obvious (something that even Trup was notorious for doing). No question he has a better rapport with Joe which definitely makes for a better sounding broadcast, but I would argue that it's the commanding presence of O'Brien's voice that makes him appear to be light years better than Geffner (who I intensely loathe as you do, LC). In reality I'm not sure he is but at least he sounds better.