Monday, July 16, 2007

Thoughts On The Weekend

Four days of Glenn Geffner and Dave O'Brien...

Dave has a mean streak. He likes to poke at Glenn and his failings. In a nice way, ok, but still he picks away. Dave likes the Police, Glenn can't commit [although he was willing to commit Mrs. G.]. Glenn doesn't like the Tale of The Tape, Dave wants to know why [not a very good reason]. Glenn brags about predicting a sell-out three nights in a row, Dave mockingly reminds him. On Thursday, Dave was demonstrably trying to bring Glenn into the broadcast. By Friday he had given up. Saturday and Sunday, Dave basically cuffed Glenn around, in a pleasant way.

Chad Finn picked up the chit-chat about The Police, and also got a chuckle out of it:

Had to chuckle when Cable-Access Geffner, while talking with Dave O'Brien about the Police's upcoming visit to Fenway during today's radio broadcast, put on his public relations hat and dutifully rattled off the list of all the great acts who have played there in recent years . . . but one rather notable omission. Mick who? Never heard of him, Dr. Steinberg. Then again, Geffner admitted he wasn't much of a fan of Sting and the boys back in their stellar '80s heyday, which I suppose really shouldn't come as a surprise. I'm pretty sure that's when Geffner was going through his "Like a Virgin" phase.

Now, Dave is your typical DJ-with-pipes turned sportscaster. I have been around these guys all my life and, well, let's just say they lack depth. Glenn is a PR honk who somehow hitched his ride to Larry and we all suffer. Please check back on the weekend posts to see what I am talking about.

Day 1
Day 2 (the low point, in my opinion)
Day 3
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Now a word about the zeitgeist. Most weekends, traffic falls off. Those of you who have nothing to do at work check in here with startling regularity to see what has fallen into the net. On weekends, not so much. This past weekend, in the midst of the four day stretch of Glenn Geffner and Dave O'Brien, there was a spike in traffic. Everyone is suffering and they are looking for answers. Frequent referrals come from Google searches for "Glenn Geffner" "Glenn Geffner Sucks", and my personal favorite for the weekend "What's The Deal with Glenn Geffner".

There is no end in sight....


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kzfone said...

I get the same queries as well over at Fang's Bites as well, LC.