Thursday, July 12, 2007

To The Curb

The doldrums continue, only to be followed by the ObieGeffnerFest this weekend.

There is an article in the Worcester paper today about the various broadcasters that have been kicked to the curb over the last few months, including Dale Arnold. Trup, of course, is mentioned.

His stoicness stands in contrast to the public attempt by Dale Arnold to explain why he was replaced, as recounted in Scott's Shots earlier this week.

Scott, by the way, characterized Arnold's replacement as being motivated by the disaster of rotating pbp men (Dale only did home games, as you know) in his original post on the move by NESN:

But it does... make it easier to get into a game when the same, familiar voice is there each and every time. The Sox themselves have created a similar problem by wedging earnest Glenn Geffner into the radio booth and now having to deal with a listenership that longs for a full-time Dave O'Brien with every passing Geff Game.Broadcasting pairs, trios and rotations are not an easy thing and the simple fact is, Arnold just might be too polarizing a figure for the beaten down Bruins to have to deal with.

I try very hard to find points of view that are positive toward Geffner ( I have even tried a little constructive criticism), but there are virtually none.

And so it goes.


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