Monday, July 30, 2007

True Calling

We had a little fun with Glenn Geffner in yesterday's entry, asking that he email after he got out of the pool at the The Don Cesar Beach Resort and Spa

He didn't email, because he wasn't there. Rather, being first and foremost a PR honk, Glenn was in Cooperstown because of his "ties" to the Padre organization and Tony Gwynn:

Jeff Horrigan wrote yesterday

The Sox have several representatives in Cooperstown today for the Hall of Fame inductions due to past ties with honorees Cal Ripken Jr. and Tony Gwynn. Executive vice-president Charles Steinberg leads the contingent, which also includes scouting director Jason McLeod, assistant scouting director Amiel Sawdaye and radio broadcaster Glenn Geffner.

The evil of this report is that it would appear that Dave O'Brien was filling in for Geffner this weekend, rather than the reverse being true. Why am I not surprised that Geffner affiliates himself with the RS PR flacks first and foremost?

As predicted, the wiki entry with criticism of Geffner has been cleansed, as of July 29. See the update on this post

Finally, a comment on yesterday's broadcast, which was very good. Joe and Dave worked well together again. Very loose and breezy. Joe actually promoted the fact that Obie would be calling a game on ESPN on Monday,the off day.

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