Saturday, July 14, 2007

Yikes! What Was That?

My head is still spinning from the large sample size of Glenn and Dave on Friday night. Dave is apparently trying to make it work, but by the end of the night, I think he may have given up as well....

Much of the broadcast was laughable, pure and simple.

And let me tell you, Geffner is not solely to blame.

Ok. I've had a chance to think about this most of the day. I want to avoid the cheap shot, so let me say this:

The Thursday posting was about right. Dave is trying to integrate Glenn into the broadcast. But, it just doesn't work, since Geffner's entire universe of information is his index cards.

Let me take you to the 7th inning of last night's game, Geffner on the call. Obie has been silent for a good half hour. I figure he is eating chicken wings at the Cask and will be back for the 8th.
Geffner starts talking about Youk having a problem with his eye. The trainer goes to check it out. It's Youk this and Youk that. As if by magic, Obie comes in on the mike (where has he been?), pointing out that it's not Youk,but Pedroia with a contact problem. Uh,ok. So, Glenn says, looks like they are taking everything but the kitchen sink out of his eye (rim shot), to which Obie replies,no it's a small European car, to which Glenn responded with something equally inane.

Observation: know who the players are, and don't start a riff that wasn't funny in 1974.

Then we go to the bottom of the 7th. Geff says Pedroia fidgets with his batting glove almost as badly as Nomar did. First previous player reference I have ever heard him pull off and it was a player from 3 years ago.

Later in the game,Obie starts talking about the crowd. Geffner says: let me predict: it's a sellout. No shit, Shirley. Then Geffner says, I'm gonna predict a sellout for Saturday,and even for Sunday. Obie basically goes all Carnak "You are correct sir". To which Geffner replies, "I have been around a long time you know"

1. what tripe.
2. listen to me, little man, you can be around the team for another 30 years,and you'll still be about 10 short of where I am right now.

For the remainder of the game,which was rather interesting,Obie did a striaght call, and Geffner just coughed up marginally relevant note card stats.



Steve said...

an excerpt of a post I did at Sox and Dawgs.

" for the game I don’t know if it was me or the game I had a tough time getting into it last night. Tavares did suck, only WRKO’s Glenn Geffner sucked worse. The guy had to not only only tell us that Gregg Zaun spells his name with two G’s on the end but then that ass actually spelled it as if the audience is that dumb. This was only one little juicy Zaun nuggett that I heard in that at bat as he went on for the whole at bat about his DL stint. How it happened, where, that he had surgery and missed games (isn’t that what happens when you’re on the DL? you miss games.), how many games he has played since his return, his stats since then. I think he even told us which way he hangs before he puts his jock on. This was in ONE AB. In like the third inning of a one run game. This wasn’t 8th inning filler material in a 15-3 blow out.

I thought Trup was losing it a bit the last two seasons or so, he was kind of careless with the ‘way backs’ but you know they say you don’t know what you have until you lose it. and now we can’t always get what we want.

It’s time that Red Sox nation unites and gets Geffner canned. If Joe Castiglione were to leave after this season and Dave O’Brien continues on a full time basis (one of the rumors is that Geffner is a stop gap until O’Brien’s ESPN contract is done.) and they need a second person I pray to God it isn’t Geffner. I’d love to see them hire Sean McDonough to do the games with O’bie if Joe didn’t return. There’s no way we could survive a full 162 game season with Geffner calling innings but I fear that McDonough would be too expensive........"

LC said...

It's perplexing to me, Steve. I'm not a huge Obie fan...there's something missing there... but Geffner is Lucchino's guy. he forced him on Jerry Coleman in SD, and he couldn't have been any worse thatn he is here.

My sense is that Obie is replacing Joe and geffner is a cheap 2d mike, who is basically a cheerleader.