Saturday, August 11, 2007

Can This Be True???

Dude, I don't believe in the Easter Bunny or Santy Claus, and am skeptical of most things on the interwebs, but at least two, and likely more rumors are being floated that Jason Wolfe of Entercom wants to be rid of Glenn Geffner. See here

Rumors are flying that Jason Wolfe has tried to get Jerry Trupiano
back on Red Sox radio but Larry Lucchino refuses to budge.

and here

Annie said...

I was told by a WEEI staffer that Jason Wolfe wants to bring Trupiano back but Lucchino refuses to budge.

Wolfe feels Geffner is hurting Entercom as sponsers are not flocking to WRKO

What a mess

One more here

Meanwhile Geffner and Ken Ryan called the two minor league games today on NESN.

I heard/watched a few innings of the second game, featuring your Portland Sea Dogs.

Geffner/Ryan exhibited a brutal lack of talent. It was painful to even know that it was going on somewhere in the world, even when turning away from it.

And, although it is cruel to say, and against the uplifting ethos of this blog, I gotta say that when they showed Geffner on camera with Ryan, I thought Ryan (a big fella) could have swallowed Geffner whole. Not to be rude but does Glenn even punch through the five foot barrier?



Eddie A. said...

Wolfe isn't exactly helping Entercom either with the whole Howie Carr debacle. Sadly li'l Jason has li'l clout with anyone when it comes to managing a radio station these days.

Steve said...

eddie andelman??

Mike said...

Here is another gem

The WRKO/WEEI network has a contest with Jack Daniels for the 7th inning where if the team scores SEVEN runs in the 7th inning a listner wins the jackpot.

The rules clearly state
Enter below for your chance to win the Jack Daniel's 7 Run 7th Inning! Starting on May 23, 2007 and each day thereafter, The Boston baseball radio network will randomly select one “qualifier” per game. A new qualifier will be announced on-air across WRKO/WEEI Baseball Radio Network prior to the commencement of the 7th inning of each game. If the hometown team scores 7 runs in the 7th inning, then that games qualifier will be a winner of the grand prize! The grand prize is a progressive jackpot beginning at $777.00 cash for game one of the contest on May 23, 2007, and increasing $77.00 per game!!! This is your chance to win cold hard cash. So don't delay, enter below for your chance to win. It's all brought to you by Jack Daniel's

Doesn't say 7 or more says 7

3 weeks ago against Chicago the Red Sox finally did score 7 runs in the 7th and Geffner happily said there was a winner EXCEPT the inning was not over yet.

After Geffner awards the money Joe icily said "the inning isn't over yet...."

Luckily for GG Boston did not score again

Rob said...
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Rob said...

I would love to see Jerry Trupiano back, but I find that unlikely. I can't see anything being done with just a couple of months left of the season.

But wouldn't it be nice if we saw Geffner out and Trupiano for a short encore come... October 1st? I can't see that, either, but it's a thought.

I'm telling you, it's very easy to tell that Joe really enjoys himself with Obie in the booth with him.

The first play today when Melvin Mora hit a little part of the stands that jut out on the left field side, Joe called it one of the "nooks" of the field, and Obie just couldn't resist. "He slipped on a nook and fell on his fanny." or something to that effect. It's the loudest I've heard Joe laugh in a long, long time; if not ever.

shep said...

The talk that Castiglione and Trupiano got along is a bit overrated. Truth is the two spoke to each other as little as possible once they left the broadcast booth because they both wanted to be the #1 guy. After reading the previous post I'm not surprised that's the hardest Joe's ever laughed because he rarely found Jerry's puns that funny.

Anonymous said...

Mike--regarding your post on that 7th inning jackpot, I knew the Sox had that 7-run 7th awhile back but I never found out how much the winner took home. Do you happen to remember the amount of the winning jackpot? I'm so happy the folks at Jack Daniels had to pay out that prize, you know they must've figured the odds that the Sox would score exactly seven runs in the seventh innings were astronomical.

Mike said...

Jackpot was around 4K. I remember back in 77 WITS had the home run inning where a listener could win a car. One night they gave away 4 end of contest.