Thursday, August 30, 2007

Don't Even Start Wif Me

Beckett had nothing last night. I give him credit for hanging in there.

Geffner. After hearing him use the word "obviously" 4 times in 15 seconds when talking to Francona on the pre-game show, I basically had to withdraw from the scene of the crime. Yes, I get it, Obie was on the blacked out game over on TWWL but Jesus Christ the guy (Geffner) is pathetic.

And for the commenter who never heard the term "hitting the ball on the screws", well now you have.

see Wiki:
(entry 27)
hit the ball on the screws
To hit the ball even center with measured force, often resulting in a loud crack of the bat. A slumping batter might be comforted by "hitting the ball on the screws" when not getting a hit. The phrase apparently derives from golf, referring to "a well executed shot. In the good ol' days, when woods were made of wood, club makers fitted a plastic insert into the club face as a safeguard against premature wear. These inserts were fastened to the club with screws. When a golfer would hit a good shot, he would say, 'I hit it on the screws'."[1]
Some days I feel as if I am all alone here.


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