Friday, August 17, 2007

Glenn In The Dunking Booth

While the Real Announcers call the game (in amongst promoting the Jimmy Fund), Glenn Geffner, Vice President, Communications is doing his best impression of Suzy Kolber with an occasional drop-in from Somewhere with Somebody Famous who wants to talk about the Jimmy Fund.

Here's a great exchange he had with Tim Daly:

Glenn: "It's great to see you back at the ballpark. You and your wife Anne have worked so hard over the years for the Jimmy Fund"

Daly: "This is my first trip to Fenway, and it's a real thrill."


Rob said...

It felt appropriate today. I hope Obie sticks around tonight for game 2, but I doubt it. Him and Falsetto Boy each did one game in the previous doubleheaders.

I was fairly impressed with Buchholz. Certainly impressed for this being his first start. What did you think?

cole kenman said...

Buchholz did enough today as he must've felt quite a few butterflies in his stomach...but he certainly continues to look like someone who can not only pitch at the big league level but someday be a top-of-the-rotation type of starting pitcher.

And heavens to betsy, they stuck G-Squared out in the field again for Game 2. Did anyone else hear O'Brien in the first inning of Game 1 where I swear he said something along the lines of 'Glenn really likes it out there' or was asking Joe what he thought of the Geffster being out in rightfield. And I think he was saying it all any good announcing team working together, Joe and Dave have surely been talking off-air and I'm sure ol' Glenboe's name has come up more than a few times (naturally followed by several sighs or four-letter words).

Steve said...

Joe was almost giddy that Geffner had to wander the park and he probably was wondering how to make it happen more often.

cole kenman said...

Nothing wrong with extending the Jimmy Fund radiothon till the end of the's a great cause and it'll keep GG out of the broadcast booth.

Rob said...

If there was one thing I didn't like about all of the guests, is that the guys had a tendency to miss pitches. For me, it's not a huge deal because I'm watching the tv at the same time, but for those of you who couldn't watch the game at the time would miss out on them. They'd tell the meaningful plays, but you end up feeling kind of lost.

Ah well. It happens. Listening to the radio-telethon puts things into perspective.