Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Guy Can Really Paint A Picture With Words

I have been listening to baseball games on the radio for, roughly, 50 years. I never heard what I heard in the 4th inning of VP Glenn Geffner's call on Sunday, August 26.

Glenn: Julian Tavarez stands on the mound. He has a baseball in his hand. He stands, ready to deliver.

Holy Jesus Palomino: The pitcher has a BASEBALL IN HIS HAND? Good thing it wasn't a pomegranate. He would look silly.

It's rubbing off on Poor Old Joe, too. In the fifth, Dustin Pedroia had an epic at-bat. At the end of the at bat, he got a 2-run single. Red Sox lead 3-1. Joe says: "Polanco had a great at bat"

Wha? Who?

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