Friday, August 31, 2007

I Got Nothin'

Sox were swept by the Yankees.

I had to listen (inexplicably) to Glenn Geffner for the whole series.

Nobody seems to care that he is untalented and ill-informed.

True, the traffic on this site was monumental yesterday, but this no-talent honk continues to have a job.



Steve said...

I am hoping come playoff time with TBS having division games and the NLCS that Obie has no commitment to ESPN and that we will hav ehim in the booth for the big games.

This is getting ridiculous. It's unbearable. I may have to go to Fenway to rip Geffner from the both an insert his mic in a not so nice area in an effort to save Sox fans from his endless blathering about nothing.

BTW any idea on what the breakdown is in terms of number of games for the whore vs the number Obie has called?

ish said...

Geffner being back at the mic tonight REALLY makes me angry. I wasn't expecting it on Tuesday, but I was on Wednesday and Thursday. Tonight I was more than expecting O'Brien to be there, but when I heard Glenn Geffner, I screamed.

ish said...

This season it started comical/annoying. Then got annoying. Then pathetic. And now, I'm just so angry angry ANGRY to hear his voice on my radio. GET OUT OF MY RADIO. I was completely lost in the middle of the game tonight. NESN doesn't help much, either.

Anonymous said...

We can yell all we want but there's no way the Red Sox can this shmuck before the end of this season. Our only hope is that 2008 will be a Geff-free zone.