Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I Missed This

A faithful reader sent this to me early today. I hung in for 4 innings, and watched Obie on his Bonds Death March ("Barry Bonds will be the 7th hitter in the third inning") on the the Worldwide Leader in Snorts.

As hard as it is to imagine, the GG experience plummeted to even lower depths during the 7th inning of the first game of the Red Sox - Angels series.

GG did not know that a runner could tag up once a fly ball hit the fielder's glove. The play in question, occurred when Brandon Moss bobbled a fly ball in the 7th and subsequently caught it. Once Moss bobbled it, the runner from 3rd correctly took off for home - but GG and surprisingly, even Castiglione - were ranting and raving that the play should be appealed and collectively claimed that "the runner may have left too early".

Rule 2* which outlines the specifics of a "catch" is as basic a rule in baseball as four balls and three strikes. GG must be stopped. Who can I write to in the Red Sox organization to stop this continued madness and desecration of my baseball experience?

*A CATCH is the act of a fielder in getting secure possession in his hand or glove of a ball in flight and firmly holding it; providing he does not use his cap, protector, pocket or any other part of his uniform in getting possession. It is not a catch, however, if simultaneously or immediately following his contact with the ball, he collides with a player, or with a wall, or if he falls down, and as a result of such collision or falling, drops the ball. It is not a catch if a fielder touches a fly ball which then hits a member of the offensive team or an umpire and then is caught by another defensive player. If the fielder has made the catch and drops the ball while in the act of making a throw following the catch, the ball shall be adjudged to have been caught. In establishing the validity of the catch, the fielder shall hold the ball long enough to prove that he has complete control of the ball and that his release of the ball is voluntary and intentional.
Rule 2.00 (Catch) Comment: A catch is legal if the ball is finally held by any fielder, even though juggled, or held by another fielder before it touches the ground. Runners may leave their bases the instant the first fielder touches the ball. A fielder may reach over a fence, railing, rope or other line of demarcation to make a catch. He may jump on top of a railing, or canvas that may be in foul ground. No interference should be allowed when a fielder reaches over a fence, railing, rope or into a stand to catch a ball. He does so at his own risk.
If a fielder, attempting a catch at the edge of the dugout, is “held up” and kept from an apparent fall by a player or players of either team and the catch is made, it shall be allowed.

[Thanks Steve]

Glenn Geffner is a bad announcer.



kzfone said...

Thanks for the nice comment over on my blog, LC. Much appreciated.

I'm telling you, this Bonds Watch is killing Red Sox radio listeners. The more Dave O'Brien is on the West Coast following Barry Bonds, the more Sox fans have to suffer with the Goofster.

I swear, I may Elvis my radio if I have to endure listening to Geffner's play-by-play for one more game. Fans who have to listen to him on XM across the nation must wonder how he got his job.


Rob said...

Glenn must feel really special to be filling the shoes of someone who has bigger fish to fry than he will ever have.

The big surprise of the night was how John Rish played Obie's call of Bonds' 756th home run. Joe said, "Good for Obie, getting to call Barry Bonds' 755th and 756th home run." I found that very interesting. Usually they'll play the call from the home team's radio broadcast. But hey. I guess their reasoning would be that if you didn't know that Dave O'Brien works for ESPN by now, you're probably living under a large rock.

We'll see tomorrow night if we can get our Obie back.

*CRINGE* Geffner just referenced Coco Crisp, reading how many errors he has "as a Red Sock."

A little bit of irony, ESPN is having technical difficulties and they're using their back-up sound. Obie sounds like he's talking on AM radio.

cole kenman said...

Wow, I should say I can't believe GiGi didn't know that rule on fly balls but it doesn't shock me...does shock me that Joe didn't know the rule, though. Remy was right on top of it from the get-go. Glad I wasn't listening to the radio that night.