Friday, August 24, 2007

If You Want Cringe

Listen to Glenn Geffner pronounce the word "cellular", as in U.S. Cellular Field.

Not to be rude, but where is Obie?

So far Glenn has talked quite a bit about rain.



Now Joe C. is mocking Glenn, calling him our "ray of sunshine" and "our resident meteorologist".

Joe C. told his obligatory yougottawinthefirstgameofadoubleheaderinordertowinadoubleheader, which we have all heard 1,000 times. Glenn says, "yes indeed, you gotta win that first one".

Holy Jesus.


ish said...

I guess in all fairness to the little bugger, Joe has announced the sun is out several times--at the beginning of each inning. But hey. That's Joe, right?

Did it make you chuckle when Joe said, "It's the third inning and the sun is out, and all ready to bring you the play-by-play is our sunshine, Glenn Geffner."

ish said...

Joe: Fireworks make you jumpy, eh?

If Geffner wasn't so horrible, I'd actually listen during his innings just to hear Joe make fun of him.

Steve said...

Couple of Friday night gems from the Double G.

When Coco lined out to third:
"Crisp couldn't have hit that ball any harder". How does he know that?

When the 9th hitter of the inning came up:
"The Sox have batted around". No little guy they haven't. You bat around when the 10th man comes to the plate.

Anonymous said...

Might want to double check on that one, I believe having nine batters up in an inning constitutes batting around.

Also if another announcer said 'so-and-so' couldn't have hit the ball any harder you probably wouldn't get on their case about it, so I don't think it's fair to rip Glenn for that. There are plenty of other unique stylings he brings to a game in which you can tear him a new one. He is after all our little ray of sunstroke.

ish said...

I have a feeling we're going to have Obie for the Yankee series... ESPN's Monday Night Baseball will be in Detroit where they are playing the Yankees, so I can see Obie doing that game, then hopping a plane (maybe onto the Yankees charter? "Hey, John Sterling... Got room for one more?") to New York for BOS/NYY battle.

Geffner Pause would be a very nice thing for a few days.

Steve said...


Here is your double check:

to bat around: A team is said to have "batted around" after each of the nine players in the lineup makes a plate appearance and the hitter who led off the inning returns for a second at-bat in that inning.

are you really Glenn??? You're as knowledgable as he is.

Steve said...

a classic from Saturday:
Joe: “This is one of the quickest four run rallies I’ve ever seen”.

Glenn: “It’s been out the blue like a lightning bolt”.

Nothing like mixing clich├ęs into a bad metaphor there Geffo. It’s either like a lightning bolt or it’s out of the blue but not both.

also Saturday was his son's 7th birthday. Seems the kid loves NASCAR. At least that way he doesn't have to listen to dad call the game.