Monday, August 20, 2007

It Couldn't Last

As I post this, Glenn Geffner is in the midst of his, uh, triumphant return to the broadcast booth with Poor Old Joe.

So far Glenn has talked very very fast ( I honestly can't understand him).

He has been engaged in a 3-inning bit about mice and how he doesn't like them. [update: 4 innings]

Enough About The Mouse! What lame bullshit.



Rob said...

He certainly doesn't greet visiting family members well, does he?

Rob said...

Raymond the... whatever he is... Is he a Devil Ray? Well, he walked into the NESN booth and shot Don Orsillo with silly string. I was thoroughly disappointed that he didn't hit Geffner as well. That would have been absolutely amazing.

The mascot has good aim. He hit Orsillo right in the face.

Wasn't there supposed to be a ballgame on tonight?

Steve said...

On Tv they showed GG up on his chair like a scared lil girl because of the mouse.