Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Laying It Out There

It's all about Sox and Dawgs today.

Steve, a contributor to that blog takes his dumptruck, backs up and unloads on Glenn Geffner in a well-reasoned discussion of why 3x5 is unfit for RS Radio. Steve, the author, turns out to have a good deal of radio experience, including the Big Stick, Clear Channel, and brings a pro's perspective.

Read the article, please. He has collected a lot of the interwebs' criticism of Larry's Guy. Some of it is not new to faithful readers of this space, but that matters not. It's a great read. And thanks, Steve, for referencing this site. [I especially appreciate the discussion of my theory that Geffner is still part of Red Sox administration, since I was beginning to feel as if my standards were out of whack.]

Here's the essence of the Geffner experience, as Steve describes it:

Geffner’s game calls are very vanilla. The stats and his stories are more important to him than the actual game. He actually seems to let the play happen, then he recalls it, rather than calling the play as it goes down. What’s the difference you ask? Well if you call the play as it happens, your voice has natural inflections of excitement or dejection and you use more descriptive words because you’re talking about what is happening before you’re eyes. If you wait for the play to happen and then recall it, you loose that as you become a teller of history instead of someone relating an ongoing experience.

To parrot Geffner, "vanilla, indeed".

I've got more, but you should read the piece.



Steve said...

Lou thanks for the kudos and the link. Just one correction is needed though, for the record I am not the proprietor of Sox and Dawgs, that distinction belongs to Ian. I am just a mere contributor.

I hope what I did was be fair. It's hard using that word when you dealing with something in the negative sense. But I did my homework and hopefully it's concise. and hopefully once Double L, Dr. Chuck and the gang at Entercom see it I hope they order a big old van and move him out the booth for 2008.

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Where's Harry Carey when we need him.

Anonymous said...

joe sounds depressed tonight,its almost like he's given up,very sad.

soxdownunder said...

Steve, you were fair, in fact kind. Perhaps the Grandma story was a bit harsh (but funny) but Larry's Guy is ruining many people's enjoyment of something like 150 x 3 hours of radio and it is beneath a franchise like the Boston Red Sox. So go for it I say.