Friday, August 10, 2007

Learn To Play Dobro

Or something other than tune into NESN on Saturday for the Futures game at Fenway. The Scrubs, namely Glenn Geffner and Ken Ryan, will call both ends of the doubleheader for NESN.

Glenn Geffner doing A ball telecasts: that's a concept I can get behind.

With Obie covering Mr. Posh in DC last night, here's hoping he can make his way up the the Balitmore-Washington Parkway for the radio broadcast tonight.



kzfone said...

Apparently since Dave called the MLS game in DC on Thursday, he went up Route 95 to Baltimore to call this weekend's series with the Orioles. Here's hoping this ends the long stretches away from the Shaw's-WRKO-WEEI-Giant Glass-Bank of America-Jordan's Furniture-Red Sox Radio Network booth.


Annie said...

I was told by a WEEI staffer that Jason Wolfe wants to bring Trupiano back but Lucchino refuses to budge.

Wolfe feels Geffner is hurting Entercom as sponsers are not flocking to WRKO

What a mess

cole kenman said...

Lucchino too is hurting Entercom for not recognizing that the only Red Sox fans who enjoy listening to Geffner are hearing impaired.

If Geff is indeed Captain Clueless then Lucky must be General Screwup for not only hiring this little man to call Sox games but for not realizing the negative backlash it has created in the Nation. I thought the man was supposed to be PR-conscious...hello Larry?

Perhaps we have been channeling our hatred for the wrong man all this time, as G-squared is merely a pawn in the chess game of bad baseball broadcasts, with L-squared playing the role of Garry Kasparov.