Monday, August 6, 2007

Obie and History

Dave Scott has a nice post today about Dave O'Brien's call of ***** *****' home run on Saturday night, which I saw in real time after a glorious night of bluegrass.

Scott reports that O'Brien's intention was to call it with equanimity, given the controversy surrounding Melon Head. He achieved that goal admirably.

Dave O'Brien visits this blog from time to time, so I'd like to thank him personally for the understated, yet powerful call.

Scott also quotes O'Brien as saying that "My plan is to call a lot more [Red Sox]
games in 2008 - almost all of them. And well beyond."

Now, the bad news:

O'Brien will be doing Bonds' games for ESPN most of this week, up the coast from the OC where Poor Old Joe and Glenn House Whore Geffner will be calling the RS games on the radio.


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Steve said...


Obie's call was fantastic. It was done just how it should have been done. I was also glad that Orel was in the booth with him and not that hack Joe Morgan.

If it meant having Obie miss only one game a week on Sox radio I'd love to see him and Orel do the Sunday night games instead of the pair they have now.

I was so glad that Berman and Morgan didn't get to call the home run because that is what people would be hearing decades from now.

Could you imagine if Berman had called 715 or any of the other famous homeruns in baseball? I can't.