Tuesday, August 14, 2007

RIP Scooter

Phil Rizzuto died Monday night, at age 89.

He was a ballplayer and a broadcaster for many years. I heard it said today that "people born in 1860 would have lived long enough to see him play and people who live until 2060 will have memories of him broadcasting"

That's a run, my friends.

He was a broadcasting partner of the great, if phlegmatic, Mel Allen and later adapted his style to be the comfortable old uncle who came to dinner and told stories about the game.

Here's my post of April 4 of this year, talking about Rizzuto:

A couple of authors put together a book a few years back, entitled O Holy Cow, which composed some of his calls in poetic form.

Here's a favorite,

I Really Should Be Going Home

It's very chilly.
As a matter---
I'm telling you,
I've been freezing.
My hands are cold.
I have low blood pressure anyway.
And arthritis.
I really should be going home.

Seventh Inning, bases empty, two outs, KC at New York, 7/24/83

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