Thursday, August 30, 2007

Vox Clamantis In Deserto

A reader wrote me today and seems a little put out:

Curt Gowdy, Ned Martin, Jim Woods, Ken Coleman, Jon Miller, Joe Castiglione, Jerry Trupiano - all of them servicable, some of them legendary Red Sox voices of the past 50 years ................... but Glenn F'n Geffner??????

Who can I write to in the Red Sox organization to voice my outrage, disgust and displeasure with this continued charade? I suppose sending a missive to the VP of Communications will do me no good. "Dear GFG, you $uck. Please fire yourself".

Seriously, I want those marketing and media obsessed owners and upper management to know how badly they have F'd up by repeatedly giving this NCAA or minor league broadcaster air time.

Please tell me that Lucchinno and his minions know that GFG $ucks.

Also, can there be anything more insulting than having GFG calling pennant race - or even worse - playoff baseball? Aside from the insipid Red Sox Nation nonsense and all things NESN, the Red Sox market themselves as a team prided on a rich baseball tradition and history, and rightfully so. Imagine GFG behind the mike at a critical juncture/moment of this season? Its nauseating to think of.

And while I am piling on - I heard the radio replay of Ortiz' upper deck blast from last night. Anyone with a base level knowledge of the game could see that as soon as that ball was struck that it was not only a HR, but a titanic, majestic clout (Ned Martin would have summed it up thusly "there it goes (five second pause) Mercy". But GFG had to go through the whole "there's a fly ball, deep to right, back BS". What a complete over-exposed, in over his head, amateur.

Keep up the crusade.


ish said...

Geffner already called an extraordinary occurrence this season. The 4 home runs in a row against the Yankees earlier this season.

I didn't hear the call, but I heard it was atrocious. I was watching ESPN seeing as it was Sunday Night Baseball. Jon Miller's calls were very good. It brought me back to the '99 Home Run Derby at Fenway with Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa.

I will be very angry if Geffner calls one post-season game. Announcers gives off the mood of the game. A good announcer will give you the feeling of a big game just by the tone of his voice. I actually think Joe's lost a little bit of it this year when he's pulling Geffner's stroller around. It was hard to get the usual Red Sox/Yankees feeling last night.

With TBS broadcasting the Division Series, I can only imagine how the games will be in the post-season. I'm already angry.

How do you make a good post-season radio montage like 2004's when most of the highlights are from glenn geffner?


Steve said...

Here's something for you. I noticed that NONE of the highlights that are used in the game open and pregame open feature Geffner. They're all Joe and Obie.

I didn't realize he had called the four HRs and if it was Obie or Joe you could bet it'd be part of the highlight package in the open.

LC said...

What's equally as annoying is that since the beginning of the season, they have eliminated Trupiano from the clips ("Light Tower Power" and Nixon into the Bleachers in 2003). They have poor old dead Ned Martin and the Irish Washwoman Ken Colemen (also dead), but no Trup and no Geffie.


cole kenman said...

That was a great letter, Lou. We can only hope all the Red Sox playoff highlights occur in the first, second, fifth, eighth, ninth and odd-numbered extra innings...that's not much to ask for, is it?

Do you realize if Best Buy or some New England electronics store sold a radio that notified when you Joe was speaking and muted itself when Glenn piped up, folks would be lining up to buy them?