Monday, August 20, 2007

Weird Take On O'Brien

Somebody finds fault with O'Brien "cross-promoting" ESPN work on local Red Sox broadcasts.

Probably not a faithful listener; otherwise they would know that everything but the Civil War is cross-promoted on RS Radio.

Of course, that writer also states:

Yankee radio with John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman is an oasis in the desert of nationally oriented broadcasters foisted on local baseball fans.

But they are hard to listen to.



Steve said...

Sterling and Waldmn an oasis?? well maybe for the kids at the American School for the Deaf.

kzfone said...

Sterling and Waldman are not enjoyable to listen to. John likes the arrangement because he does all 9 innings without having to give up any play-by-play to the likes of Michael Kay or Charlie Steiner.

And how can anyone kill Obie for promoting his ESPN work? I'd rather have that as an alternative than listen to the Goofster read off stats from note cards. I don't think Obie was really "plugging" his ESPN assignments, rather mentioning where he was going to be next.


Rob said...

I'd think that Obie's superlative about Coco Crisp should be more of a compliment to Coco because when you're working ESPN's Monday Night Baseball, you're seeing all of the teams. AL and NL. Bigger sampling of all of the center fielders out there. It gives more credibility to Dave and it should mean more to Coco Crisp.

And if Dave was going for plugging his ESPN assignments, you'd hear him do it more often.

I don't mind listening to Sterling... at least he gives credit to the other teams if credit is due. Sure, it sounds like he's broadcasting from the local pub rather than a radio booth in a ballpark... but let's put it this way: If Glenn Geffner is calling any of the three yankee games coming up, I'll be listening to John Sterling for those innings that Glenn's on. Thank you to WTSN-AM for broadcasting the yankee games locally so we around the Seacoast of NH can root for whoever's playing them.

Not a fan of Suzyn Waldman, either.