Wednesday, August 1, 2007

It's Great To Be Wrong (Formerly "We're In For It")


Well, you know, I have the ability to just make this post go away, but I'd rather have evidence of being wrong, so wrong, on my prediction. I got to the game broadcast late last night, having spun a masterful 12-9 loss in a dumb softball game played on a field of pebbles. I got in my car, expecting Little Geffie. To my utter surprise and happiness, Obie boomed in. What? I asked myself? Obie was in LA last night and now he is here in my car, punching Glenn's ticket for the dunking booth? Heck ya. Obie puts on more miles than Bud "Hercules" Selig.

Chance are, we'll lose Dave after today's afternoon game, but, my friends, appreciate life's small blessings.

In other news, the RS actually came back in the late innings, and Eric Gagne looks like he could wear the suit that George Scott wore to the RS HOF induction last winter.

File under: "Time is a bitch"

[end edit]

As a commenter pointed out, Dave O'Brien is on the Barry Bonds death watch on the West Coast. ESPN, according to the New York Times today is picking up Beckham's MLS football game in Canada this weekend, so don't look for him in Seattle, or probably even anywhere else on the West Coast.

In short, we are doomed, I fear a repeat of Geffstock.



Alex said...

Geffstock 2007...Coming soon to an arena near you!

(A note to all in attendance: We strongly suggest you bring ear plugs to this performance.)

Rob said...

Pleasantly surprised that Obie made the eastbound cross-country trip from Los Angeles to Boston to do tonight's game on WEEI. I was very surprised. Seems curiously interesting at the haste of his arrival after being on the west coast 20 hours ago.

Steve said...

sound of a phone ringing....
Obie: Hello?
RSFO: Obie we need you to get your ass on John Henry's private jet as soon as the your done with that silly national league game.
Obie: why?
RSFO: They'll revolt if Geffner calls another game.
Obie: who will revolt?
RSFO: The bloggers. Just get on the plane your calling the game tomorrow night at Fenway. John says you can use his bed.

Anonymous said...
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Steve said...

If you think "Geffstock" is bad you should have partaken in some ESPN2 Giants-Dodgers last night. They replaced Obie with the Bermanator and teammed him with Morgan and then for giggles added Bill Plaschke from the LA Times for an inning.

I am shocked and amazed that either my TV or my head did not explode.

Rob said...

"Shaws WRKO Red Sox Radio Network"

Where'd Obie go? It's the 3rd inning. Obie's supposed to be at the mic. Oh, I get it! The Shaw's people took up the seats and boxed Dave out of the booth. The fun never stops on the Red Sox Radio Network. Especially when the woman from Shaw's was kind of hitting on Joe. What a world.