Thursday, August 2, 2007

Who Does Glenn Geffner Work For? (Part 2)

Answer: I don't know.

But if, as the discussion below suggests, Glenn Geffner is part of RS Administration, there is an argument that that fact should be disclosed. I have talked to a couple of people whose opinion I respect, and they differ as to whether this matters at all. I'll leave it up to you.

I found a 2005 MLB media guide online, which listed Glenn Geffner's direct dial and cell phone in RS administration.

If, today, you call the 2005 direct line listed , you get Geffner's voice mail.

I am willing to accept that the RS are sloppy and haven't updated their voice mail in two years, but it is peculiar.

Similarly, if, today, you call the mobile phone number for Geffner listed in the 2005 media guide, you get the same result.

Again, sloppiness? That's not something I attribute to the Red Sox. A likely explanation, but not the only one...

In the mobile phone voice mail, Glenn says, if you want to reach me by email, here's my email address ""

Again, it may be an old message.


If you send a message to that email address, it doesn't get bounced back. It is apparently a good email address.

on the other hand, if you send an email to or

the message gets bounced back (no active user or some such).

I'm just sayin'....



Steve said...

Nice job Holmes, nice job.

The reason he didn't answer his cell phone when you called is because the blue tooth doesn't function when his head is up Double L's ass. Tthough I have heard he can receive his email there.

Steve said...

P.S. wanna make a bet Obie and castig don't have company phones? as someone who has worked for a company much larger the Red Sox they very carefully monitor who they are paying for and how much they are paying. So I highly doubt he forgot to turn in his phone.

Rob said...

Dave O'Brien has proven to me that I cannot predict him. But he's in San Diego tonight on Bonds Watch. Red Sox are in Seattle. I wonder (hope) that he'll be meeting the Red Sox in Anaheim.

Though he may have to rent an apartment out there somewhere. Especially if Bonds doesn't hit those two blasted home runs.

Anonymous said...

You are making some illogical assumptions:

-It's wrong to be employed by the team for whom you are a broadcaster. (Is it really wrong?)
-All employees of a company have email addresses for that company. (usually, but not required)
-All email addresses within a company have the same structure. (usually, but not required.... especially in the public eye, sometimes they don't want it to be obvious to the outside world)
-Non-employees never have a direct phone number or email address. Let's think about this. Could the announcers be considered non-employees and still have email addresses or phone numbers? Sure. In many companies, even temporary contractors can be issued both for the purpose of doing their job.

The only thing you proved here is that Geffner has an email address and phone number with the Sox. You haven't proved that either one are ill-gotten. It would be a stretch to do so.

I agree with most everything you say about this unworthy non-talent that has sullied the radio waves, but I'm having trouble getting behind your email/phone arguments or whether or not his employee status is a factor. If you grab too many non-factors, it will water down your overall campaign.

Don't water down your campaign. Full speed ahead. This is a disgrace and LL should answer to it.