Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Who Does Glenn Geffner Work For?

I think this is a fair question. He was the RS VP/Director of Flackery for a couple of years. Now he is the Voice of Flackery on the radio broadcasts.

Since Dave O'Brien has been hijacked by Barr* B*nds' inability to hit a home run, Glenn "Goodbye" Geffner is our constant companion.

I have been looking into who Geffner works for, and available evidence indicates that he is still part of RS administration. This would be unsurprising, but disappointing, in that listeners, I think, want to believe that the broadcasters have some objectivity.

As with many things about Mr. 3x5, I hope I am proven wrong. More on this later...



Steve said...

As you stated he was VP/Director of Communications. In going through the current front office list NO ONE cuurently holds that title and just based on memory no new stands out as a replacement. I wonder, as you do Lou, if he is wearing two hats on that big bald bulbous dome of his.

LC said...

Steve,I think you're onto something, for reasons which I'll explain in a few days. As for his baldness, being basically an ugly guy myself, as long as it doesn't affect his performance (it couldn't get worse, could it?), fine and dandy with me.


cole kenman said...

Major major conflict of interest if Geffo is indeed wearing two hats for the organization. If this was proper practice why doesn't every ballclub have their goody-two-shoes PR guy gush for nine innings about the hometown team? I think this is why there the broadcast profession exists completely separate from someone who gets paid to kiss up.