Thursday, August 30, 2007

Yup, It's A Day Game

And that means a semi-live blog of that honk, Glenn Geffner, on the radio, until I wear out.

[bottom first]

Joe has effectively squashed any effort of Glenn Geffner to speak.

Unfortunately, Geffner has brilliant insight into the whole Francona-wears-a-shirt thing.

In typical Geffner fashion, he says "rules are rules", but "Tito is always freezing in the dugout"

Is he?

[top 2nd]

merciful silence

[bottom 2nd]

something about a shift.

Joe says that Glenn made a good point between innings. Of course he did.

Joe mentioned that the Francona-wears-a-shirt thing was "Mickey Mouse". I guess that frightened Glenn.

Glenn is worked up about the fashin pleece. Shut up.

[top 3]

Glenn on the mike and sounds like he is inside a barrell. He talks wicked fast, and just said that "The Yankees have the only run in the ball game, a single by Derek Jeter in the first".

A special shout out to the reader who just visited this site on a referral from a Google search for "hate Glenn Geffner"

Glenn says that the RS didn't hit the ball very hard last night, and then mentions Ortiz' moon shot.

[bottom 3]

He speaks in a slurring fashion

"The Yankees have seen a lot of Curt Schilling since he came to the Red Sox in 2004"

What is that supposed to mean?

[top 4]

"If you're asking Manny how long he is going to be out, it depends on who you are asking"

Wait a minute, if you are asking Manny, isn't that who you are asking?

Honest to god, I am not making this stuff up.

Joe and Glenn are basically talking past each other.

Now, Joe has quit talking. Don't blame him.

Oh No He Didn't. Glenn just said if the RS win another game they are guaranteed a .500 season. That's the hackiest line a broadcaster can utter.

[bottom 4]

Oh boy. Now we have the constant barrage of pitch count talk, and it's only the bottom of the 4th.

[top 5]

punchin' out.

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