Friday, September 7, 2007

About Things

First and foremost,

I am a Red Sox fan.
Then, a baseball fan.
Those things come after
Family man
But before
Fighter pilot
Scratch golfer
King of Macedonia
Glass-blowing artisan and
Man Of Letters
Somewhere after that, just before "Hello Kitty" collector, is
Observer of Baseball Announcers.

Turns out that the American culture is not a meritocracy, since Glenn Geffner is an MLB announcer. Since the "observer of baseball announcers" is so far down the list, I do not feel guilty when I avoid listening to Glenn Geffner which, I did, with intermittant success last night. Honestly, what could be more pointless that a mid-September game in Baltimore with 3x5 on the mike?

Glenn Geffner was back at it last night. I think he set a world record for transforming multi-syllable words into single syllables.

see e.g. "throughout" becomes "throut". [rhymes with "trout"]

That's just they way it goes.
I don't get it.



ish said...

cherry = chry

ish said...

By the way, lc, I was flipping through the channels late last night before bed and I had an Obie sighting on ESPN2, doing an MLS game out in Carson, California. It's amazing just how many times he makes those cross-country flights.

And then there's an ESPN baseball game tonight in San Francisco I'm sure he'll be announcing, as well.

Since the beginning of the NFL season, all of the baseball programs have been changed, which means Monday Night Baseball appears to have been changed to Friday nights. Long week at work? Party with Glenn Geffner!

Steve said...

MNB gets moved to the duece on Monday nights so MNF can have the main channel.